tourism in malaga - general information on malaga city

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Malaga Park

The Parque de Málaga (Málaga Park) can be found right in the centre of the city. A unique location because of the great variety of subtropical plants it has, its open space layout, its noteworthy buildings that border on to its north side, its fountains and statues as well as many other appealing features.

It was built when the port was expanded that was promoted by the president of the Cabinet of Spain of that time, the politician from Málaga Cánovas del Castillo, where part of the land reclaimed from the sea was granted to be used as a park. The city was given this park in 1897.

It is split into two parts: the south area that has two walking sections measuring 10 metres in width on both sides where the central section stands out because it has varied and extensive vegetation and the north part where several notable buildings that border on to the park are worth observing.

Amongst these buildings we can find the city hall of Málaga, Banco de España (Bank of Spain), the former Post Office building that today is the site of the Málaga University Rector's Office, and the Casita del Jardinero (House of the Gardener).